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Cannabis as an Alternative to Dangerous Opioid Medication for Those Suffering from Chronic Pain

an image of 2 large glasss jars side by side, filled to the brim with cannabis flower.

Today we are looking at why opioids are dangerous, why cannabis is the better alternative and some tips on how to transition. Disclaimer, we are not health care professionals; please seek advice from your doctor before switching or discontinuing any medications. Opioid based medications are very common and are known for helping relieve chronic pain […]

The Magic Of Terpene Profiles

A close up of a cannabis flower

Everyone who enjoys weed knows about the overwhelming and pleasant aroma that is perceived by a happy stoner when he opens his new pack of freshly curated craft bud! It can be like WOW! or wooaaahh! Or yessssss! Or Mmmmmmhhhmmm! These different yet wonderful smell profiles distinguish between cannabis strains but more importantly the effects […]