The Magic Of Terpene Profiles

A close up of a cannabis flower
Everyone who enjoys weed knows about the overwhelming and pleasant aroma that is perceived by a happy stoner when he opens his new pack of freshly curated craft bud! It can be like WOW! or wooaaahh! Or yessssss! Or Mmmmmmhhhmmm! These different yet wonderful smell profiles distinguish between cannabis strains but more importantly the effects of cannabis strains. Can you believe it? The smell of the pot can actually influence the effect of the pot it has on its consumers? Trippy I know. Everyone is familiar with the Skunky and Gassy smell profile which is associated with kush strains. That smell comes from the terpene Myrcene and Alpha Bisobolol. Myrcene gives off a musky earthy aroma and Alpha Bisobolol gives off a floral perfume almost gassy aroma. There are 15 terpene profiles in total that are found in cannabis and are listed below:

Myrcene – Found mostly in nature, makes up 65% of total terpene content in certain strains. Musky and Earthy smell.
Limonene – Sour and Citrus smell. Found in lemons
Linalool – Spicy and Floral. Found in lavender and mint.
Caryophyllene – Spicy and peppery. Anti Anxiety.
Alpha and Beta-Pinene – The pine tree smell. Helps with arthritis and asthma
Alpha Bisobolol – Floral aroma found in Chamomile. Used to Treat infections and wounds.
Eucalyptol – Found in eucalyptus , minty smell. Cool and Minty. Used in cosmetics but also can slow the growth of fungus and bacteria. Relaxing and can stimulate breathing.
Trans-Nerolidol – Found in flowers like Jasmine and Lemongrass. Anti-parasitic , anti-oxidant.
Humulene – found in hopps. Can slow the growth of cancer cells and can suppress apetite.
Delta 3 Carene – Found in numerous plants. bell peppers, basil. Known to simulate memory.
Camphene – Musky Damp woodlands, often confused with Myrcene. Anti-inflammatory
Borneol – Herbal and Minty , found in rosemary, relaxing
Terpineol – Minty , relaxes heavy
Valencene – Found in oranges, citrussy and tangy aroma , provides energy
Geraniol – Found in lemon and tobacco, smells like grass, plumbs, peaches

All these terpenes are unique in their own way and all play a part in a strains’ characteristics. I can’t wait to smell me some Limonene in that Terpy Slurpy! Happy smoking my fellow stoners… Or should I say Happy Smelling! =)