Cannabis as an Alternative to Dangerous Opioid Medication for Those Suffering from Chronic Pain

an image of 2 large glasss jars side by side, filled to the brim with cannabis flower.
Today we are looking at why opioids are dangerous, why cannabis is the better alternative and some tips on how to transition. Disclaimer, we are not health care professionals; please seek advice from your doctor before switching or discontinuing any medications.

Opioid based medications are very common and are known for helping relieve chronic pain when used correctly as directed by your health care professional. Although they have many benefits they are also highly addictive, have many side effects and are often used incorrectly. When used incorrectly the risks become much greater and can be fatal. Cannabis however has no known lethal limit, meaning you cannot overdose from using cannabis. Cannabis also has fewer side effects and more functionality and some say it is just as effective, if not more effective than opioid-based medications for pain relief . This seems like the obvious choice right?

Now we know why cannabis is the better choice, but how do you switch? And what does that process look like? Well some doctors recommend using cannabis while also weaning off of the opioid medications. While other doctors recommend starting cannabis use after you are no longer taking the opioid medications. The advantages to using them both in moderation while switching to cannabis, is that studies show cannabis can aid the withdrawal effects of the harsher medications.

When speaking about cannabis from a medical standpoint, we must also look at how we consume cannabis products. When smoking the marijuana leaf, it releases everything in the leaf, including tar. Oils can be inconsistent in their THC content. Edibles take a while to kick in. Each method of consumption can give varying lengths of the effects of cannabis as swell. This is why some recommend consuming it in a vaporized form of the leaf. No matter how you consume it, cannabis products are a great alternative to conquer chronic pain.