Top 5 Tips To Choose The Right Marijuana Strain

Best Marijuana Strain: Top 5 Tips From Compassion Medicals

Marijuana is legal in Canada, which means you can simply walk into a weed store near you and score some! There are so many strain varieties that picking one can be difficult. Luckily, we at Compassion Medicals have compiled our top 5 tips to help you choose the right strain before you visit our marijuana store Kingston. 

Before we move on to our weed strain guide… 
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Let’s first understand the three types of weed strains – indica, sativa, and hybrid. 

Smoking indica gives you a relaxed high, so it’s best to use in the evening or night. On the other hand, sativa is very energising, making it the perfect weed strain for creativity. Hybrids are a combination of both, indica and sativa, and have a balanced effect. 

Top 5 Tips To Choose The Right Cannabis Strain 

1. Know your tolerance

If you’re starting new, pick a strain that has up to 30% THC. This chemical activates CB1 receptors in your body leading to psychoactive effects. If you choose a weed strain with higher THC, your body might feel overwhelmed and you’ll end up puking or hating marijuana.

Also, choose a strain that has equal amounts of CBD and THC. CBD helps with anxiety and also controls the effects of THC. At Compassion Medicals, we’ve got two perfect beginner strains – Pink Kush (24% THC) and Mendo Breath (28% THC). 

2. Flavor and smell preference of the marijuana strain

Every marijuana bud has a chemical called terpene that gives it a particular flavor and smell. Some have citrus notes, while others are earthy and woody. 

If you prefer something earthy and pungent, our top pick is Gangster Kush (28% THC). For floral and fruity notes, go for Love Potion (31.82% THC). 

3. Narrow down the effect you’re looking for 

At our weed store Kingston, we keep a range of strains that offer a variety of effects. Our craft strain, Kamikaze Pink (35% THC), has calming and euphoric effects. It’s great for relaxing after a long day’s work. 

Alternatively, if you’re on a tight schedule and your work demands focus, we recommend Black Jack (26% THC). 

4. Record all the marijuana strains you try 

Finding the right strain takes a lot of trial and error. Everytime you try a new strain, write down how you feel when you’re high and also once the effect goes down. We call it the Bud Journal and it prevents you from purchasing strains that don’t make you feel so good. 

5. Always trust a certified dispensary for the best marijuana strain 

When it comes to picking a good marijuana strain, it’s crucial you choose a certified and reputable dispensary. At Compassion Medicals we practice all safety and quality standards that preserves every strains’ potency and keeps them away from harmful substances. 

We offer 1-hour online delivery to  Ajax, Bowmanville, Brooklin, Courtice, Newcastle, Oshawa, Pickering and Whitby. If you order over $200, you get free delivery! 

One thought on “Top 5 Tips To Choose The Right Marijuana Strain

  1. carbonlifeforme says:

    I’m a BIG fan of the Kamikaze Pink. I’m a 35+ year smoker so potency isn’t an issue but man, it really does a number on my neuropathy. Wheelchair Pink has a similar effect, although not quite as effective but still better than pharmaceuticals. Basically I’m finding most, not all, but most of the higher potency pinks to be pretty good for my neuropathic pain.
    Now, when I said potency wasn’t an issue, trust me, it packs a nice punch that really enjoy. You can even feel it move through your body from the first hit. Not something for beginners or casual tokers unless they do small hits and take things slow. I find Compassion Medicals has the best options for those looking for truly medicinal weed and not just for those who just wanna get a nice buzz on. But if that IS all you’re looking for, this place still has…the…goods! I even found that if I blend some Blackberry Breath with some Purple Kush, what I end up with is even better than either by themselves and gets me really high. Hell, I’m pooning from it right now lol.

    One last thing. I love how fresh the stock is here. I still have a couple of buds from 7g of Blackberry Breath I bought back in May and it’s still as sticky and nice smelling as the day I bought it. Same with what’s left of the ounce of Purple Kush I bought at the same time for that matter.

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